Explore Text Via Touch And Hearing

Move the sliders and the device will speak out a portion of the text that corresponds to the position of the slider knobs. Watch the video to see how it works

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Open, Low-cost, Build-It-Yourself

ChorusText is build from open-source components, both software and hardware, and with affordability in mind. All you need is an Arduino, a motor shield, a pcDuino, a few motorized potentiometers and some push buttons! The total cost is less than USD 250.

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More Features Coming Soon

Import text from Scanner OCR, More buttons and dials that bring out the features, Collaborative Text Editing, Chat, Sending and receiving of social tactile feedback, a full protective enclosure and more!

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To MakerFaire Singapore 2015!

ChorusText will be at MakerFaire Singapore 2015, 11th-12th July (this Saturday and Sunday). It’ll be on Level One, Area A, booth no. E3. On this map (click here), its at position 2 o’clock of the garden (purple color). There will also be two talks on ChorusText: 1. A 30-min talk on Saturday (11th July), at

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Podcast Episode on Hacker Public Radio Released!

  The podcast I recorded is finally out on Hacker Public Radio! 🙂 hpr1782 :: ChorusText – a Non-visual Text Editor Open Assistive Device Project What is “Hacker Public Radio“? Here is the official “About” page 🙂 But in short, its a collection of many people talking about many geeky topics – including Accessibility (in

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Gnome Sponsorship Badge

ChorusText @ GNOME Asia Summit 2015

I just came back not long ago from GNOME Asia Summit 2015 which was held in Indonesia. I first heard of GNOME Asia Summit event from Emily Chen, back at FOSSASIA in Singapore, when I showed my ChorusText project to her. She said that it’s a wonderful project and I should try to apply for

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text editing

Text-editing Functionalities Implemented!

This is exciting! The text editing functionalities are now fully implemented, and ChorusText is not just a reading device anymore, it’s a text-editor – err.. a “non-visual” text editor. Glad that this is done just in time before GNOME Asia Summit 2015, which is next week! As the user types, the sliders continuously reposition themselves

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Going to MakerFaire Singapore 2015!

ChorusText’s application to participate (as a maker) in the Singapore MakerFaire 2015 has been approved! From the organizers’ page: Maker Faire Singapore 2015 will be held at 15 Tampines Street 11 Singapore 529454, from 11th to 12th July 2015. The timings for the Faire this year are: Setup: • Friday 10th July, 2pm to 9pm

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Screenshot from 2015-04-13 18:37:08

Mary TTS testdrive

  This weekend I came across an article from LinuxToday that talks about text-to-speech applications in Linux. One particular app stood out, Mary TTS. Long time ago I came across a podcast where Jonathan Nadeau was talking about using a “human-sounding” TTS engine named MaryTTS in his Sonar distro. But back then, I was tied

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Going to GNOME Asia Summit 2015!

Just got the good news that my talk proposal has been accepted by the GNOME Asia Summit 2015 committee. Furthermore, my application for travel and lodging sponsorship has also been approved! Yay! Looking forward to sharing the ChorusText story at the event and to meeting people! 🙂   This year’s GNOME Asia Summit will be

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FOSSASIA 2015 was awesome!

Met lots of awesome people and herd about lots of cool projects! Gotta add ChorusText to FOSSASIA’s list of open-source projects! Too bad I became aware of FOSSASIA 2015 a bit too late, otherwise would have submitted a talk proposal. But was there, in the “Coffee-table talk” track! 🙂 Special thanks to the following for

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